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Given today's challenging market conditions, our goal is to educate your business by providing the resources needed to operate with maximum efficiency. DeSmidt Consulting, Inc. can provide a lean, efficient business software solution that will make your business more productive, more flexible, and better able to respond to changing market conditions. We can present your company a wide array of software products, each designed to fit specific needs.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks, with more than 80% the retail market share and over 2 million users, is the undisputed leader in accounting software for small businesses. Intuit designed QuickBooks to bring complete financial management capabilities to small business owners who do not want to deal with the hassle of trying to understand accounting jargon or debit/credit accounting.

Being able to, at any time, properly assess how you are doing in your business is vital to the success of your business. Which department or area of your business is more profitable than another can help you determine where your business focus should lie or where you should place your efforts to improve. You may need to track actual costs for the jobs that you do, or have completed. You may need to trim costs to improve your overall business profit.  QuickBooks is more than just accounting software; it is a comprehensive business management solution.

QuickBooks Pro offers advanced, yet easy-to-use tools for small businesses that want to manage their finances with more power and flexibility.  For instance, it automates job costing and time tracking. It allows you to create multiple estimates per job. It gives you over 100 forms templates and lots of control over the look and content of your forms. It lets you create a monthly budget with just one click of your mouse. QuickBooks Pro can save you time by letting you share your customer, vendor, inventory and financial data with more than 100 popular business applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and ACT!  Order the Pro Edition 3-User Pack, and you can give as many as 3 networked users access to your company's QuickBooks file at the same time.

Key Advantages

  • More than 100 timesaving form templates

  • Powerful forms customization options

  • Creates a budget with one click

  • Shares data with more than 100 business software applications

  • Tracks job cost, tracks time and allows multiple estimates per job

  • Allows up to 3 simultaneous users

  • Lets you assign custom price levels to different customers

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is designed for businesses who want to manage their finances and improve the long-term performance of their business.

It offers a comprehensive set of tools that include everything in QuickBooks Pro, plus advanced tools and features that help you take your business further. It helps you quickly and easily create a business plan to help you get loans or financing.

QuickBooks Premier also includes a sophisticated analysis tool that actually measures your financial performance against averages for your industry and makes expert recommendations to help you improve it.

Key Advantages

  • New management and planning tools help you achieve better results
  • Builds a business plan and forecast based on your finances
  • Analyzes your finances and makes expert recommendations
  • Tracks sales orders
  • Tracks components and finished goods for more accurate inventory management
  • Is available for up to 5 simultaneous network users.

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Choosing the appropriate management software package for your business is essential to the success of your business. You need a package that is appropriate for your midsize business currently but can grow and evolve with you as your business grows. QuickBooks Enterprise software is the perfect solution for your account management, inventory tracking, payroll, and overall management software needs.

QuickBooks Enterprise is the largest and most diverse package offered in the QuickBooks line, with the most potential simultaneous users - up to 30 licenses, the largest database capacity - up to 100,000 master file records, and the greatest amount of activities and built-in reports. It also interfaces with the most business applications, including QuickBooks compliant e-commerce, and customer management software.

Enterprise Solutions works even harder for you in specialized areas with exclusive Add-Ons, such as Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing, which are built right into the software.

With Enterprise Solutions accounting software, there’s no need for complicated manual workarounds. Whether you’re a bookkeeper, warehouse manager, or field rep, you can get your work done all in one place. You can get anywhere, anytime access with optional hosting services.  There are also industry-specific solutions for Manufacturers, Contractors, and more.

  • Get a better handle on the current financial state of your jobs or projects.
  • Track reps by job, not just by customer, and use customizable purchase forms to view expenses by rep.
  • Run WIP and Committed Costs reports at the click of a button.
  • Assemblies save time with new assemblies features.
  • Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build, instead of entering each one into QuickBooks individually.
  • Use the BOM cost as the cost for an assembly and choose to allow QuickBooks to update assembly costs and price when component costs change, instead of manually updating costs.
  • Track down components using the 'Where-used' report and avoid opening every assembly to see where the component is used.
  • Maximum Stock Levels for Auto PO's turn purchasing into a two-click operation without worrying about minimum or maximum stock levels.
  • Specify inventory quantities to reorder, and QuickBooks will put those quantities directly into PO's - automatically.
  • Advanced Pricing optional add-on lets you take charge of your pricing, where small changes could have a big effect on your bottom line. Create thousands of sophisticated price rules based on any combination of customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields and more-right inside your QuickBooks.

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