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Client Testimonials

"I retained Peter when I was a CEO to assist in converting RealWorld Accounting Data to a new accounting system. He did a great job on budget and on time. He knew accounting and software which allowed him to finish the project with excellent results for us. Highly recommend Peter." 


Steven B.

"I highly recommend Peter DeSmidt.  Peter was employed as support Accounting for the CFO.  He possesses excellent Accounting skills and an extensive knowledge of Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics and QuickBooks software.  He was able to impart his vast knowledge of Accounting software to other employees of our company.  Peter became an integral part of our family company.  He was responsible for all phases of the company's accounting.  Peter was able to work independently extremely well.  When given a work task, Peter completed it very promptly and in a professional manner.  He is very flexible and willing to complete any and all tasks he was given.  Peter also assisted in other areas, such as budgeting and forecasting.  Peter was a great asset to our company.  We would definitely employ him again."

Peggy H.

"Peter DeSmidt of DeSmidt Consulting Inc. has been extremely useful with his knowledge and expertise in the area of managerial Accounting. His solid understanding of our Accounting software system has helped keep our company going strong in these hard economic times. We would highly recommend him as a reliable addition to your business consultant staff."

Stuart W.

"Peter DeSmidt of DeSmidt Consulting Inc. provided services to us for a period of 5 years. He has performed all tasks in an efficient and cost effective manner and has always met required timelines and accuracy expected from a professional service provider."

Ivan B.

"Peter DeSmidt has provided Accounting services to us, on a part time contract basis since 1997. Peter's strengths include his ability to work with limited supervision, to multi task at an organized and detailed level, to perform research at a comprehensive and thorough level, and to be able to see a project through to completion and on time. We appreciate the services he provides to us."

Dan G.

"Peter DeSmidt has provided Accounting services to us, on a periodic basis, since 2000. We find Peter to be a reliable, highly organized and detailed oriented Accountant. His primary role as a subcontractor, to our company, was the gathering and analysis of financial data, journal entries, and the preparation of our monthly financial statements. We anticipate using his skills again in the future as the need arises."

Richard B.

"Peter DeSmidt has been a consultant to us since 1999. We utilized his services often and he was particularly invaluable during our crunch periods. Through his extensive experience, Peter has demonstrated strong analytical skills coupled with a strong knowledge of overall Accounting procedures. He learns quickly, and pays exceptional attention to detail. I recommend Peter's services to any firm that desires a seasoned Accountant who can make a significant contribution."

Cynthia F.

"Peter DeSmidt of DeSmidt Consulting Inc. sold us our Accounting software upgrade. He installed the software, did file conversions, set up multi companies and has provided us with telephone, as well as, onsite support. The software is working very well and he appears to have a very good knowledge about our system. We appreciate what he has done for us and will continue use of his services in the future."

Shirley A.

"I want to take the time to thank you for all of your help over the past weeks. It has been quite a strain to get all of our computers to function properly after the software upgrade, but with your help it has been easier. I cannot thank you enough for your courteous manner and quick response to our every question and difficulty."

Beth D.

"Last year we recognized a need to upgrade our Accounting and management information systems. Based on your recommendations, which were endorsed by our Accounting firm, we implemented the new software and hardware. We have been extremely pleased with the results. The system performs as planned and fully meets our needs. There have been things which we had to learn which only served to confirm the value of your assistance. You took each item and quickly provided an explanation or solution that worked in every case. Your being available, listening carefully and thinking through each question made the system implementation a real pleasure despite the work. We really know you were part of our team. We look forward to a continuing relationship with DeSmidt Consulting Inc. whenever we need professional help in computer hardware, software, Accounting or management information systems."

Josiah B.

"Peter DeSmidt of DeSmidt Consulting Inc. sold us our integrated RealWorld Accounting software. He installed the software and has provided us with requested training and periodic Accounting and systems services. Before, we were using an outside Accounting firm to prepare our monthly financial statements. Through his efforts, he produces our financial statements internally, by our requested completion dates. With this we have saved hundreds of dollars per month and our statements are available approximately ten days sooner that before. We appreciate what he has done for us."

Michael S.

"This is a note of thanks for all of your help over the past 18 months. We would never have been able to implement our Peachtree Accounting system without your help or being able to consistently produce reliable and timely financial statements. I am an entrepreneur, without an extensive accounting staff and you have provided me with an invaluable service at a very fair price. I will be happy to recommend your company's service to other small business owners."

Jim B.

"Peter DeSmidt of DeSmidt Consulting Inc. sold us our Peachtree Accounting software. He installed the software and has provided us with requested training and periodic Accounting and systems services. The software is working very well and he has a very good working knowledge level about the software. Through his efforts, and in conjunction with our software, he produces our financial statements internally. We appreciate what he has done for us and I would recommend his services to any small business that is seeking to automate their Accounting function."

J. T. L.

"Peter DeSmidt installed, implemented and set up our financial reports on our software Accounting system. Through his efforts, he has saved us thousands of dollars per month in Accounting time and we are able to produce our financial statements weeks earlier than we were able to do with our previous system. We appreciate what he has done for us."

Robert D.

"Peter was exceedingly proficient when assisting the company with any software issues we had. He was always helpful and professional with the support he provided for us and if ever needed, we would not hesitate to utilize him in the future."

Aame H.

"I have used Peter's expertise many times in the past and would highly recommend his services. He is hard working and dedicated to maintaining a high standard for his clients. As a small business owner for the past ten years, it's always refreshing when I can find a service provider that lives up to their billing."

Marc M.

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